Trustify your Data Collection

Add a layer of trust and transparency to your zero-party data collection to empower your consumers, enhance engagement, and boost conversions.

Butttn: A new way of trust building

Earning people's trust starts with respecting their data and choices. In today's world, where data is big and privacy's a big deal, letting consumers pick and manage their data matters a lot.

Trust Isn't Just Earned, It's Built Together. Move beyond one-sided data relationships and turn consumers into active partners in your brand story. Embrace transparency, fuel engagement, and unlock the true potential of data-driven trust.


Empower your consumers with ButttnHub

ButttnHub is a simple-to-use data manager for consumers to view and edit their data and preferences with the brands at any time they want to.


The data collected by the brands across various channels will be synced in real-time to the ButttnHub.

The living data hub where consumers can

View and edit their data in real time
Request to delete their data
Set their preferences

Works with every type of data collection form

Sync the data collected in real time with our solutions
Native forms can copy one line of JavaScript to your website header to activate
Using a third party form, no problem we are constantly adding integrations for them
Collecting data offline or want to add preexisting consumer data? you can import all the data with a simple .csv file

This is how most people respond to brand's communication

Something similar to previous reaction, but in their heads
Mark as spam
Ignore like they ignore 100's others

Consumers don't like it when you don't know what they want

Let's Fix it with Butttn

Become a brand they choose, not just use

Consumers empowered with Butttn have a voice. Make your brand the one they actively choose to engage with by demonstrating respect for their data and preferences.
Hyper-personalization at scale
With Butttn, deliver laser-targeted experiences based on individual consumer preferences. Watch engagement soar as content, offers, and interactions feel truly personal.

Data for good. Data for growth. Data on your consumers terms.

Frictionless trust, seamless conversions with Butttn
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Change the way your consumers
engage with your brand
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